Bringing Mental Health Care to Young People Using AI Responsibly

Using conversational AI to enable early psychological interventions

About Us

Scalable, cost-effective psychological interventions to improve mental health in young people

At Cam AI our mission is to improve the mental health of millions of young people through early, real-time, psychological interventions using conversational AI. We are responsibly developing an authentic and transparent chatbot using conversation driven development to automatically predict and personalise what relatable, professional therapists would say in equally relatable, highly nuanced situations.

We are a small group of professional mental health providers, engineers and academics with decades of qualified psychotherapy and machine learning experience. We are building a certified medical device in an agile and careful manner for a safer, healthier metaverse.

We are a Cambridge University spin-out and early stage start-up with pre-seed funding.

Young People

Mental health is often only considered when it’s in a state of decline, but the reality is that good mental health requires ongoing maintenance and attention. With internet usage becoming alarmingly damaging to young people and professional wait lists growing longer, preventative care is more important than ever.

Cam AI aims to deliver this in an accessible and scalable way using chatbot technology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. Adolescents are frequently navigating the internet without any skills to understand or protect themselves. This can lead to undesirable mindsets and self-destructive behaviours aided by very little coping skills.

Providing a tool for teens and young people to build resilience and give them someone to speak to whenever they need support is so important, especially given the limited capacity of therapeutic care.

Trustworthy Tools

Cam AI is leading the way towards responsible data curation, as we build conversational AI for mental health support.

At the nexus of AI and adolescent mental health, our chatbot, by learning from examples of mental health support, is guided to predict your mental state and the most appropriate thing to say next. We achieve authentic, relatable examples through continuous user evaluation and controlled, secure curation of our anonymous data whilst tracking its provenance. We use large language models that capture the generative structure of dialogue, not just discriminate between potential decisions, to enable accurate and precise predictions that explain how a conversation could evolve. Through all this, combined with our compliant software engineering processes and scientific rigour, we gain the trust to connect our community.

Channelling humanity through our transparent technological tools in this way, connects the appropriate people through their experience; how we characterise our tools in terms of their scope of service and effectiveness manages users’ expectations and allows support to blossom.

Join Us

As a team we all believe in good mental health and making a positive impact in the world. Our start-up working environment is small, fast paced, and incredibly creative. We offer a hybrid working model with an office space in Cambridge, flexible working and unlimited PTO.

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join our team. Please feel free to drop us a speculative application if you are interested in working with us, but don’t see a role listed below that aligns with your skills and experience. We will happily discuss other potential or upcoming opportunities.

Please follow our LinkedIn page to be alerted to any new job posts.

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